LED Turn Signal - Switchback Style (White/Amber)

by HypLED

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LED Turn Signal - Switchback Style (White/Amber)

1156/7507 LED Switchback Bulb (BMW Turn Signal)

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LED Turn Signal - Switchback Style (White/Amber) Details

This bulb is typically used in the turn signal. You will have to buy the resistors to ensure the proper flashing in the car or else it will flash fast thinking your bulb is not working. This bulb will output more than 400 lumens. Our competitors with 32 regular LEDs only outputs 128 lumens . Please check to ensure this bulb will fit your car. (sold in pairs)

We use 120x 12010 SMD LED chips whereas many retailers will sell you the 60x 1210 chip. The difference between lighting output, we want to ensure these are safe for others to see you are coming or turning.



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Manufactured by HypLED

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Sold As Pair Bulb (comes with 2 bulbs)

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