High Powered 31mm Festoon Bulb

by HypLED

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High Powered 31mm Festoon Bulb

High Powered 31mm Festoon Bulb

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High Powered 31mm Festoon Bulb Details

This bulb is typically used in dome lights, map lights, license plate lights, and trunk lamps on various cars. Please check to ensure this bulb will fit your car. (sold each)
These small LED consist of 4 LEDs that are high powered.  Don&#39t let the size fool you, these will be able to light up the entire front interior of your car from the dome lights.  These are much brighter than the festoon you can in your dome lights.  The benefit of having this in your car is to see better at night as well as seeing what you dropped in your car.

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Manufactured by HypLED

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Sold As Single Bulb

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