Umnitza vs Khoalty – E46 Interior LED Kits

Our standard Interior Xenon kit is as bright as kits offered on eBay, Bimmian, and other sources.  This kit blows all of those out entirely. These LED are designed to be everlasting and radiant beyond any you have eveer experienced. They contain festoon/peanut/panel LED all in one ready to install kit. – Umnitza’s Website

What! Showing up to the market over a year and a half late on a product and just because you claim it to be the best it is?  We are going to order a kit of his and ours and put the bulbs next to each other in our testing unit and post up pictures, we can discuss how ridiculous his claims/product is in the mean time.

E46 LED Interior Kit (Khoalty) vs E46 LED Interior Kit (Umnitza)

Price: Khoalty $43.50 vs. Umnitza $99.98
Bulb Qty: Full Replacement Kit vs. Full Replacement
LED Type: Latest SMD LED including optional 12/18 LED panel (43.50 includes that panel) vs. Older style LED and 8 LED Panel.
Time at market: Pretty much same low cost kit but upgraded to always be on the edge over a few years vs. new entire release once a year or so, dropping support for the old product and re-branding it with a new ‘V3’ or ‘V4’

Don’t be fooled by the ‘contains festoon/peanut/panel led in one ready to go kit’ because that’s what our kit has been since we released it, what else would it be?  Also remember that there are multiple bulb types for each bulb fitment, you can have directional LED, single high powered chip LED, multi chip array LEDs, etc.

We have tweaked ours over time to make sure it’s the brightest possible ( as you can see by a blog post from 3 weeks ago) , instead of just throwing in some directional LED’s and saying it’s ultra bright.. Well maybe directly in your face it will be but the interior is supposed to have ambient and uni-directional lighting, not just a projector beam directly in your eyes!

Looking at the picture they have, they have two LED panels shown, but where would they go? We're going to order it and see, because this is the housing with our LED panel in it, and you can see there is only one place for a panel. If they replace the map lights with panels, what goes in the center dome spot?

This is a unique to Umnitza brand of LED chipset. – We don’t have the comparisons up yet, but trust us, LED bulbs are LED bulbs, nothing is truly unique and if you look hard enough and travel over seas you can find any LED bulb, big, small, colored, etc.  You just have to know the proper manufacturers to get direct pricing and high quality products. There are good bulbs and bad bulbs, SMD and non, etc. but ours are the latest, we always update our products when something new comes out, which is why weeks and weeks ago we upgraded to the LED panel interior dome light, where as other guys are picking up on it just now and for way more in price.


Obviously there is either a difference between the prices we buy for or a difference in what we feel is fair between us and every other vender out there, because we are not here to take all of your savings away and then over talk our products online.

We sell for honest pricing and sell honest products.  Thanks for the support, everyone!  You’re why we keep our pricing low!

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  1. Mike

    I’m very interested in these products, but it appears the image links are broken! Let me know when they’re up so I can get a better idea of what I’m getting into.



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