BMW Sponsor E90 / E92 BMW Pricing Comparison

Searching around on every E90 Forum, E92 Forum, from e90post (bimmerpost), bimmerfest, e90fanatics, and so forth, we see pricing points where things start to get ridiculous on products that should cost much.

Pricing Comparison

We see vendors selling E90 blackout grilles and E92 blackout grilles for more than 70 dollars which is the same items we sell for 45 dollars.

Several other examples would be our BMW E90 LED interior kits and BMW E92 LED interior kits that are high powered.  We were one of the first to have LED kits in the vehicle that would not shut off after 5 minutes of driving.   We are selling the product for 70 dollars whereas vendors online with the forums are selling these for 90+.

Our most famous product as of date is the M3 Bumper, everyone is selling them for 475, while we are selling them for 340, this is a HUGE amount of money saved.  Why spend the extra money when you can pocket the item and use it on something else, such as food or more mods, or paint 😉

in summary

We just wanted to share some of the things we saw with various forums where it pays to price shop around for the same item.  Why pay more when you don’t have to is what we feel.

Unlike some of the others, all of our items are in stock and ships from our warehouse, there is no drop shipping so you can ensured to get your items in a timely manner.


Sedan E90 3 Series M3 Style Bumper

What is the best bumper for the E90 3 Series?  We feel in the current market the M3 inspired bumper is the best in the market.  Some key points why we feel it is:
1. Same material as OEM, polypropolene.
2. Fog lights, grilles, and brackets are included from exclusively from BumperMW
3. Gives your 325i, 330i, 335i the M3 look at the fraction of the cost.

A fresh out of the box BumperMW M3 Bumper

This bumper will fit all E90 3 series that are pre-lci.  The models that will fit this vehicle would be 325i, 330i, 335i in the years of 2006, 2007, 2008, 2009.

This bumper also gives the whole car a different aggressive look without breaking the bank.  We are sure many vendors will not undersell what we sell it for that has it in stock.  Please take a look on E90post and you will see we are the ultimate price leader as well as shipping service.  We take pride in finding the best products on the market as well as keeping the pricing low as possible.  Please see the picture below from one of our customers for proof.

See how incredible the fitment is on this BumpERMW bumper for the E90 BMW 3 Series

If you were to buy this bumper from an authentic M3, it will cost you an arm and a leg.   Here is the part number from the dealership, please have a look around what the cost would be as well as fender work.

Bumper part number: 51118046008

Here is a quick comparison on pricing from various retailers that sell this same exact bumper:
1. KHOALTY: $340.00 plus $140.00 shipping
2.Modbargains: $459.95 plus $120.00 shipping
3. Jlevisw: $419.00 plus $120.00 shipping

Our shipping is slightly higher to due us not playing with the price of the bumper to trick the customer that is the price that needs to be sold.  Our bumper prices will not be undersold by other retailers in the market that sell the same item.

For more details of the aftermarket E90 M3 bumper:


E60 5 Series Blackout Shadow Grilles

For every owner that loves to modify their car, the first thing that everyone does is to change out there chrome grilles to our stealth grilles we carry.  Every person always wonders about our fitments of grilles.  Our grilles fit 525i, 530i, 535i, 540i, 550i, and the mighty M5.

Buy E60 Black Out Grilles Now!

The grilles are priced affordable because we don’t feel it is right to rip the customer off.  These small changes to the grilles makes the biggest suttle change to the car.  If you were to go to the dealership for performance grilles, they will be charging you at least 100 per side.  Here is the part number to verify.  51712155447 / 51712155446

For more information in regards to the E60 Blackout Grilles.


E46 M3 Carbon Fiber CSL Diffuser

Customers tend to always request us to get more and more aftermarket parts for the rear of the M3.  After looking high and low for the perfect CSL M3 Diffuser, we found one where we are completely happy with and the pricing is also very affordable.  With clients asking us for full carbon fiber diffusers, we have finally got the answer for all the request.  Comparing all the pricing online, we have cut the pricing down at least by 1/4 of the price, plus we include free shipping.  Most diffusers we see in the BMW accessories market are half fiberglass and half carbon fiber, the cost is more than what we sell it for.

bmw e46 csl real diffuser in carbon fiber

Bmw M3 CSL Diffuser in Carbon Fiber

For more details of the BMW CSL diffuser style for the M3 that fits for the years of 2001, 2002, 2003, 2004, 2005, 2006, competition (ZCP) M3 as well as standard M3, please click on the link below.