Modbargains Coupon Code? Why bother!

ModBargains comes out with coupon codes for holiday seasons, pretty much every year, and this year they did one for black friday. That gives you a /few/ days of getting ‘ok’ pricing compared to their typical jacked up pricing as long as you use their coupon code or discount codes.

ModBargains tries to look like better than they are by making up ‘list prices’.. we can’t find anyone anywhere selling for their ‘list price’, then they put a price below it to make the products look like they are a bargain, misleading hundreds of customers every day.

Our REGULAR prices are better than their DISCOUNT prices, here’s a few examples, hit up our store for more proof of our incredible deals and modbargains incredible markup!

Chrome Amber turn signal bulbs (Stealth bulbs) for BMW E46

Modbargains (sale price): $19.95 🙁
Khoalty: Regular Price $7.00

Buying from us saves you 13 dollars, and that doesn’t include their flat rate shipping.

Smoked/Clear Turn signals for BMW E46 (+ stealth bulbs) by DEPO

Modbargains: 69.90 🙁
Khoalty: $30.95!
Save over 50%!

You can Seriously buy two pair of corners for your M3 for the price of one pair at ModBargains. We know around what their cost is for the corners, we know where they get them as they’re all made by DEPO, what they’re doing is just unfair.

BMW E46 LED Tail Lights

Modbargains (sale price): $249.95 🙁
Khoalty: Regular Price $145.00

$5 More and you’re at free shipping with us, whereas with ModBargains (even with a coupon code) you’re at over a hundred dollars more than us, AND add shipping onto theirs!

BMW E90 Black Line Tails (by DEPO)

Modbargains (w coupon) $239.95 🙁
Khoalty (ships free) = $185.00
Save over $70!

Yep, another instance of ModBargains having some pretty crazy DEPO pricing! We even offer free shipping since the product is valued above $150, saving you over 50 bucks! How do they even call themselves ModBARGAINS??

We think this is misleading as all heck, so aside from comparing commonly sold mods above from Khoalty to ModBargains, we are comparing pricing on coupons and ‘specials’ for the same exact products below! (Updated soon!)

Sorry to put a fellow industry vendor on blast here, but customers ask us why our prices are so low compared to ModBargains, it’s because we are actually here for the community, instead of for making a ton of money. Don’t believe us? You should by now!

We will update this more later, especially when we start comparing ‘coupon’ codes between us and them, you will really see that they are not a ‘Bargain’ place to shop for mods! They’re nearly 40% higher than us over all, and more often than not over 50% more expensive!

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