Helios Angel Eyes – Debut

After multiple months of research and development, we recently debuted our latest angel eyes, the Helios Angel Eyes.  We’ve already sold plenty of them to know that they are working as expected, and we are sure that over the next few years they will crush the Orion V2, which Umnitza claims to be better than ours, but come on, those guys are ridiculous!
We are gathering our reviews, videos, and installations, but be sure to check them out in the mean time!

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Helios Angel Eye Features

  • Confidence in quality – Included 5 YEAR warranty and any issues in 6 months we will buy them back.
  • Remote on feature – Angel eyes fade on and off when you lock and unlock your vehicle.
  • Simple DIY install – Using our guide, install with 1/10 difficulty.
  • Innovative – Brightest SMD LED available enclosed in a unbreakable high gloss ring.
  • Perfect fit, every time – Halogen and Xenon fitment, modular clip system, no tape required.


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