BMW E46 Shift Knob & e-brake handle removal

Removal of these two pieces sounds easy enough, but you’re probably here because you’re struggling a little bit…

To remove the shift knob in the E46 3 series:

Pull up on the shift knob, its difficult, but it’ll come off. You may have to straddle the center console to get the proper power.  By straddle I literally mean put one left in the driver seat and one in the passenger seat and crank up as hard as you can, just make sure your sunroof is open and your neck/head are tilted back as far as you can, otherwise you will smash your own face with your own shift knob 🙂

Seriously, it will come off, if you have a 10+ year old car and the shift knob is OEM it’ll be on very, very, securely.

To remove the emergency brake handle in BMW E46:

The ebrake (emergency brake) handle pulls off, it does help to put a twisting motion into it.

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