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Instead of us giving 5% or 7% off like the other guys, we are going to give out FREE SHIPPING to any order within the USA that is more than 150.00 dollars.


What good is 5-10% off when the shipping rates are going to cover the sale anyways?  Our retail prices are LOWER than our competitions SALE pricing, so we are icing the cake with FREE SHIPPING.

US: E46 LED Tail lights for 145 + roundel for 12 = 157 SHIPPED.
:  E46 LED Tail lights for 144+25 in shipping + roundel for 30 = 200 SHIPPED

US: E46 Package (Corners, Sidemarkers, LED Tails) : 191.90 shipped to the east coast.
THEM: E46 Package (Corners, Sidemarkers, LED Tails): 249.14 shipped to the east coast.

Who needs these used car salesmen sales from competitors where they jack up the prices but discount 15% to look good, and then add a few dollars to shipping?
Cyber Monday, Thanksgiving Thursday, Black Friday?  Our sale is for the entire holiday season, Christmas and all, because WE CAN’T BE BEAT.

LED Taillights from Competitors:

160.00 / 10% off: 144.00 + shipping which will be about $15-20 dollars comes out to be 159 out the door in the best case scenario.  Most don’t even give 10%, most give 5% with that pricing, the ones that do give better discounts is because the pricing is so high they have room.

Our Taillights:
145.00 / buy one of our other BMW Accessories that add it to 5.00 and you get the entire set for 150 anywhere in the USA.  So you pay less and get something extra the same time.

Lighting Package Example: 2002 E46 M3
Corners, Sidemarkers and LED Taillights: 249.14 shipped to the east coast.
Our pricing for the same exact items: 191.90 shipped to the east coast.

HUGE SAVINGS due to free shipping…shipping is a killer when it comes to
sales.  The more you buy, the more you save.  The more things weigh for us,
the more we have to pay for shipping, but hey, its the holidays, gotta
spread the love everywhere right?

International Customers: We will work something out so you don’t feel left out as well.

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