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BMW E46 Sidemarker Replacement / Install

Found this guide on E46Fanatics DIY section, you can see the full post here: but know that it contains much more than simply the sidemarker install (which is why we pulled it apart)

14. There are two ways this can be done, with a credit card, and by hand. I recommend doing this by hand to minimize the risk of scratching the car. Using both hands grab onto the side indicator. If you are using a credit card slide it under the rear of the indicator.

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BMW E46 LED Tail Lights DIY Install Guide

Pulled this amazing and well detailed DIY off of a poster ‘schnitzer323ci‘ on e46fanatics, see his original thread here: otherwise continue on!

I ordered a set of the new DOT approved Eagle Eyes LED tails… these are great lights for guys who don’t want to drop close to or more than $1000 on OEM couple LED tails + LCM reflash….
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BMW E46 D2S / Xenon Bulb Replacement

Found this guide on E46Fanatics forum, once again from the epic DIY-er ‘sillieidiot’, original thread here:

***Note: Follow this at your own risk. I am not liable for any damages or injuries that may have resulted or caused by this DIY.***

Tools needed:

– A pair of brand new bulbs (d2s is the size)

– Latex gloves (or any other kind) – It’s not really needed, but I would have it to keep you from accidentally touching the bulb
– Small hands LOL (if you don’t have small hands, i would consider moving the headlights forward or take them out to make life easier on you) Continue reading