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We have compiled quite the epic list of DIY’s and installations for all of the accessories and mods we sell for your E46 M3 and non-m 3 Series.


BMW E46 D2S / Xenon Bulb Replacement

Found this guide on E46Fanatics forum, once again from the epic DIY-er ‘sillieidiot’, original thread here:

***Note: Follow this at your own risk. I am not liable for any damages or injuries that may have resulted or caused by this DIY.***

Tools needed:

– A pair of brand new bulbs (d2s is the size)

– Latex gloves (or any other kind) – It’s not really needed, but I would have it to keep you from accidentally touching the bulb
– Small hands LOL (if you don’t have small hands, i would consider moving the headlights forward or take them out to make life easier on you) Continue reading


BMW E46 Interior LED Kit Installation

Here is the best DIY guide we could find online for installing ours (or any) LED Interior light kits for the BMW E46 3 series sedan and coupe. The convertible is the same, just a few less steps. You really don’t /need/ this DIY as you truly can just look at each interior light and pop the cap off and switch the halogen to LED, but incase you have any issues here you go! (This DIY is written by the amazing E46fanatics member ‘sillieidiot’ and was only modified slightly to be true to our plug and play option. You can read the original DIY thread:


Continue reading