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We have compiled quite the epic list of DIY’s and installations for all of the accessories and mods we sell for your E46 M3 and non-m 3 Series.


E46 M3 CSL Diffuser Installation Guide

Installation Tips & Self Installation Guide

To ensure a perfect 10/10 fitment we highly recommend dropping your E46 M3 off at a competent body shop which is fluent with aftermarket modifications.  That being said, a high percentage of our customers do the installs themselves with no issues whatsover.  We do not and will not accept returns on parts damaged while they are being installed, most body shops take responsibility for damages on their clock, so if you have never done body modifications we recommend taking your car to a shop.

Method 1 for 10/10 fitment.

Your bumper is high flex plastic, it should be removed or loosened up so it can flex around the diffusor for 10/10 fitment.  Since both the diffuser and your bumper have a bit of flex to them, you will be able to perfectly line up the two parts together.  Only hand tools are needed for this installation process and most of our customers have done it this way with great results.  We highly recommend bumper removal to get the best fitment.

This only takes about 15-20 minutes if you’ve removed your bumper before, if you take your time and don’t get flustered you will get OEM fitment easily and save however much your local shop decides to charge.  The diffuser is high quality and can flex decently as long as it’s not around freezing outside, same with the bumper, so you have quite a bit of ‘leeway’ while installing it wihtout it breaking, cracking, or becoming damaged.

Method 2 for great fitment.

Using basic hand tools and a floor jack, slightly loosen the bumper, but keep it on the car, and install the diffuser.  Our diffuser uses OEM mounting points so it’s very easy once you have the bumper loosened up and you can see even a few inches below the car.

Method 3 for easiest installation.

Remove your OEM diffuser and replace it with our CSL Style Carbon Fiber Diffuser without removing or loosening up the bumper.  A few of our customers have done this and we feel that by using other processes the over all fitment is much better.  Doing it this way will get the diffuser on your car but without increasing the flexibility of the bumper, you may not be satisfied with the final apperance.

Other installation information:

As with all aftermarket modifications, a bit of time may need to be put into fitment to give it an OEM appearance, most of the time these diffusors go on and fit perfectly, but sometimes ten or so minutes invested will make it perfect – nothing that you will spend hours upon hours on like our competitors Diffusers.


BMW E46 CSL Trunk Lid Installation Guide

This CSL Trunk lid installation guide was found on e46fanatics, read through it in it’s entirety before going through with the install, as some parts are /more/ difficult than others, so be sure to read it through and make sure you entirely understand the full install.

This is my first attempt at a DIY and my first trunk install so hopefully the solutions I present will help some of you in the same position.

Mart and Paul at really came through with a quality product. As we all know aftermarket parts aren’t always going to fit 100% like OEM, with that in mind the guys at Euro-Spec are right around that 98% mark.

I recently installed my CSL Fiberglass trunk on my 2000 323i pre-facelift sedan. I was planning on just taking it to the shop and having them do the whole thing since they were painting my whole car anyway. I’ve always been an avid DIY’er so I decided to tackle this one myself. There were only a few fitment issues that I had come across, but nothing a trusty dremel couldn’t fix!!

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BMW E46 Sidemarker Replacement / Install

Found this guide on E46Fanatics DIY section, you can see the full post here: but know that it contains much more than simply the sidemarker install (which is why we pulled it apart)

14. There are two ways this can be done, with a credit card, and by hand. I recommend doing this by hand to minimize the risk of scratching the car. Using both hands grab onto the side indicator. If you are using a credit card slide it under the rear of the indicator.

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BMW E46 LED Tail Lights DIY Install Guide

Pulled this amazing and well detailed DIY off of a poster ‘schnitzer323ci‘ on e46fanatics, see his original thread here: otherwise continue on!

I ordered a set of the new DOT approved Eagle Eyes LED tails… these are great lights for guys who don’t want to drop close to or more than $1000 on OEM couple LED tails + LCM reflash….
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