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BMW E36 Fog Light Removal and Replacement Guide

Rocks and other debris seem to smash right into the E36 fogs, aside from them becoming yellow or pitted over time, so people tend to replace these with our high quality yet ridiculously affordable (especially compared to oem) 3 series fogs.

Our BMW Fog lights fit the E36 series all the way through 1992 to 1999 and are plug and play for all including the E36 M3. More pictures and write up is coming soon, but check out this video, it goes through the issues you may have, and also the installation towards the end of the vid.

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BMW E36 Corner Light Installation / Replacement DIY

Front turn signals on the BMW E36 3 series (1992-99) are easily the most commonly replaced or upgraded part of the car. Most people upgrade to the European style clear/white corners all around, and the fronts are the easiest and cheapest to explain. Since they are in the front corner, most fender benders or light accidents end up with the stock ones being broken, as they are plastic and don’t have much ‘give’ to them. This guide tells you how exactly to replace them in the easiest and safest way.

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BMW E36 Tail Light Install / Replacement DIY

Most people who drive the E36 get rid of the sore looking amber lights all around, including the tail lights, which require replacing the entire assembly and not just the amber part (since the tails are one piece).  We offer them at a ridiculously low price, and they are high quality as all of our mods are, and the install is very straightforward and simple, only requiring probably 20 minutes for the total install and getting them to have OEM fitment.

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