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BMW Bumpers are easily the most ‘bang for your buck’ modification you can do.  Although they can be expensive, especially after painting costs, you can save hundreds by choosing us over some of the shady vendors that you probably already know of, if not, we are sorry we have to introduce you to them.

Why do we say that?  Scroll through this price comparison on the top 3 most commonly sold bumpers and find out.

BMW E46 M Tech II Front Bumper

This is a high-quality all fitment replica of the E46 ZHP M-Technic front bumper spoiler kit, which came on the Performance Package (ZHP option) 330i and 330Ci. The bumper itself will fit any Non-M3 BMW E46 right out of the box.

  • Khoalty $175

    (Save 50% through us!)

  • JleviSW $549.99
  • ModBargains $399.00
  • Umnitza $329.97


BMW E36 M3 Front Bumper

Gives all non ///M E36 cars the look of the E36 M3. Conversions that lower the look of the car and add an aggressive appearance are what people are looking for. Take out the bumper (Doesn’t matter if you have an M3 or a non-M E36!) and replace with our bolt on bumpers.

  • Khoalty $99

    (Save HUNDREDS with Khoalty)

  • BavAuto $629.95
  • ModBargains $174.99
  • Umnitza $149.99

BMW E90/E92 M3 Front Bumper

Give your E90 E92 a facelift just like the real M3. These are bolt on units that is a fraction of the cost of the OEM piece. The bumper comes with grill, tow hook cover and fog lights.

  • Khoalty $340

    (Save at LEAST 13% )

  • JleviSW $499.00
  • ModBargains $459.95
  • Umnitza $399.99


There you have it, tons of savings for the same bumpers, no coupon codes, no limited time offers, no strings attached.  Great service at great prices on all popular BMW bumpers.  You have to think, if we can survive on our prices, how much money are the other guys making?  They must all drive exotics by now!

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      Umnitza will ship the coupe bumper with fogs to a greyhound depot (not to your door like we do) for 315, and 330 for the sedan, we ship to your door (coupe/sedan with fogs) for 275, and the rest of your order ships free. That’s a savings, plus to your door, plus anything else you order goes with it for no additional shipping. Sounds like a great deal to me!

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