BMW Sponsor E90 / E92 BMW Pricing Comparison

Searching around on every E90 Forum, E92 Forum, from e90post (bimmerpost), bimmerfest, e90fanatics, and so forth, we see pricing points where things start to get ridiculous on products that should cost much.

Pricing Comparison

We see vendors selling E90 blackout grilles and E92 blackout grilles for more than 70 dollars which is the same items we sell for 45 dollars.

Several other examples would be our BMW E90 LED interior kits and BMW E92 LED interior kits that are high powered.  We were one of the first to have LED kits in the vehicle that would not shut off after 5 minutes of driving.   We are selling the product for 70 dollars whereas vendors online with the forums are selling these for 90+.

Our most famous product as of date is the M3 Bumper, everyone is selling them for 475, while we are selling them for 340, this is a HUGE amount of money saved.  Why spend the extra money when you can pocket the item and use it on something else, such as food or more mods, or paint 😉

in summary

We just wanted to share some of the things we saw with various forums where it pays to price shop around for the same item.  Why pay more when you don’t have to is what we feel.

Unlike some of the others, all of our items are in stock and ships from our warehouse, there is no drop shipping so you can ensured to get your items in a timely manner.

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