BMW E46 Kidney Grill Installation / Replacement

Take a look at your package, you will have two intertwined pieces of plastic. Lift up one side, you will see that it is really two pieces connected into one via clips that slide together and ‘snap’ at the end, holding the two parts together there.

Separate those pieces, you’ll see how it works (hopefully), if not keep reading. Go to your car, open your hood, remove your existing grill by finding those /same/ clips and take the back out, remove the front.

For installation, really all you need to do is put the front on your hood and rest it in there, align the back piece as best you can and slowly but firmly press the clips together, dont do them all at once, go side to side, as though you are putting wheels on a car, make sure the hood latch fits through and you’re done!

The video we had embedded here via YouTube was removed because the person who posted it doesn’t want others embedding the video, yet they refuse to disable embedding.  Feel free to look it up- thanks

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