BMW E46 Clear Bumper Reflector Install

This DIY will help you install clear bumper reflectors on your BMW E46 3 Series, compete with tool pictures, clip display, and installed and uninstalled pictures, if you need anything else just email or call!

before and after photo

I started out first at one end of the reflector with a tiny flat head screwdriver wrapped in a shop paper towel (as to not scratch any of the paint) and worked it behind the corner. Once it was pryed back a slight bit I worked it out moving forward along the top. With the first screwdriver still behind it I used another from the opposite end and worked it behind the reflector and popped the top out. The reflector comes up and out, the clips are on the bottom that hold it in.

It was immediately obvious that the new clear reflector was not going to fit easily. The overall shape was too large to fit in the hole in the bumper cover.

first the bottom tabs looked too thick, I sanded the thickness down to about half of what I began with. At this point the bottom fit great but the top would not snap in because the corners had ruff edge/burr on them that needed to be sanded off. After this was done it looked like it would fit perfect.

I still could not get it to snap into place. I wanted it to have a tight fit just like the factory ones had. I wasn’t going to sand anymore off of them and risk the fit being sloppy. So the next idea came to mind…. I took some dish soap and rubbed it around the hole in the bumper to help the reflector slip into place.

I angled the bottom in first then snapped the top into place. with a fair amount of pressure on the top it snapped right in. The soap helped alot.

here’s some more photos of the finished install.

figured this may help some of you, or atleast give you guys an idea what they look like on your car.

Found this thread on the yet again epic e46fanatics forums, ours fit better than this DIY states but hey, incase you have any problems you can see how to perfectly install them!  View the full thread here: http://forum.e46fanatics.com/showthread.php?t=744675

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