BMW Depo Lighting Parts

As an importer of DEPO Lighting equipment.  We do our best to keep pricing reasonable without inflating the shipping cost to offset the pricing.  There has been many retailers that try to say our DEPO items are not real just because they can not compete with the pricing we give. The difference between them and us is that we don’t go through middle men and go direct to the source itself.

Here are several examples we see floating around.
If you drive a 1999-2001 BMW Sedan, 323i, 328i, these are the corners that will match your car.

Part number: 444-1506P-AE-C for clear corners and 444-1506P-AE-S.
If you do a quick search on google or ebay, you will see most of the retailers sell them for 29.99 – 49.95 plus shipping which should be around 10.00 – 12.00 depending on location.  Our pricing 24.95 plus shipping which is around the same cost as well.

Here is another example:
Coupes cars will be the example this time.
We have the typical popular crystal smoked corners in two fitments.
1999-2001 Slide in Version as well as 2002-2005 Screw in Version.
Part Numbers: 444-1507PXAE-S and 444-1512PXAE-S

Do a quick google search, you will find out forum retailers as well as some ebay sellers retailing these out for 34.95 plus shipping, our pricing will be 26.95.  For something that is so subtle, we charge so little for it.  Same parts, same item, same same same.  There really is no other way around it than you are getting ripped off for not looking around for the best pricing.
We do offer the ribbed type smoked corners that many retailers will not sell due to the item not selling for them as they can not touch the awesome pricing we give for them.   Please see below for pictures.

Before you buy, please do yourself a favor and search so you get a little more bang for the buck.

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